Project Management


At the beginning of any new project, no matter how complex, our engineering team will use their knowledge gained from hands-on operational experience to plan and work to your lead times.

We have developed many new components from existing customers such as Rolls Royce, UTC Aerospace and ChargePoint Technology and continue to support further developments as we approach each with the same meticulous attention to detail. We have experience delivering major New Product Introduction (NPI) projects for key customer programs.

Our team will scope out the project and ensure everyone understands the time-scales involved, development process, Inspection and full production requirements. All elements will be traceable and our focus will always be on making sure the project is delivered to the precise requirements of our client and on time.

During manufacturing

Beverston Engineering has a full range of CNC machinery including advanced CNC Milling, CNC Turning and Grinding as well as minor assembly combining a one stop solution to machining. With our extensive contacts and agreements for sub-contract special processing we can provide a complete component or assembly. Components are measured to submicron tolerances and our management information systems can tell us precisely where each component part of every project is up to.

Building Partnerships

Our mission underlines our intent to work in partnership with customers and this commitment plays a key role in how we approach projects. We know that our components will eventually become a part of another machine, perhaps an aeroplane or a piece of medical equipment. It is incredibly important for the team at Beverston Engineering that we not only understand the component specifications but the wider project that they are a part of so that the whole project can be delivered on schedule.